" I want to create fresh, everyday luxury through dynamic fine jewelry.  Timeless pieces you can collect to create an evolving personal edit."

R.Y.M. Jewelry pushes the parameters of fine jewelry through distinctive design and simple, innovative engineering; redefining everyday luxury through ready-to-personalize collections. Comprised of modular elements, the pieces in each collection can be worn alone or together to compose pieces with a unique aesthetic and individual meaning. R.Y.M. Jewelry’s customizable design allows the customer to evolve her look from day-to-night and year-to-year.

Reem’s design work reflects the versatility and ease with which she travels and the fresh balance she strikes between modern and timeless aesthetics.  Her science and technology background has heavily influenced how she brings form and function together to create something truly innovative and modular.

Prior to launching R.Y.M. Jewelry, Reem received her BA at the prestigious Brown University in Rhode Island before completing her MBA at New York’s Columbia Business School. It was following her graduation from Columbia that Reem fueled her interest in design and engineering with a career in the technology development sector. While working in technology, Reem began to truly cultivate her design interests and focus on the modular, fine jewelry line that became R.Y.M. Jewelry.