The Diamond Digit Collection


The Diamond Digit Collection

Represent. Celebrate. Aspire.

The Diamond Digit Collection offers a precious selection of personal symbols to represent personality traits, celebrate memorable dates and special people or aspire to new hopes.

In mystic traditions, each number between 0 and 9 embodies a set of traits which R.Y.M Jewelry has translated into symbols.  

Whether personal to you or the perfect gift for someone special in your life, there is a divine Diamond Digit—designed to be worn everyday—for everyone.

Inspired by geometry and numerology, the Diamond Digit collection encapsulates a new language of numbers to form a personalized, hidden code. The Diamond Digit pendants are numbered from 0 to 9 and assigned a distinct symbol to represent each number. Slip your personal pendants onto a chain or stack several on your Keepsake Necklet. Personalize your Diamond Digit stack to commemorate meaningful dates, lucky numbers and memorable people. 


In ancient numerology, your zodiac is based on the day you were born which corresponds to a personality type.  To find out your zodiac number, add the digits of the day you were born together until you reduce it to a single digit. For example, if you’re born on the 14th, add 1+4 to get 5.  People who encompass a 5 are adventurous, dynamic, and are a catalyst for activity and change.  As another example, if you’re born on the 29th, add 2+9 to get 11. Keeping adding the numbers together until you get a single digit. Add the 1+1 to get 2. People who encompass a 2 are romantic idealists that plan for the best and know how to reach it through diplomacy. 


Explore the meanings of each number in the above chart, and discover the unique shape we’ve designed for each. 

You can also commemorate special dates and meaningful events. For example, one partner gifted his wife on their ten year wedding anniversary the date of their first dinner together. They had dinner on the 9th of December and he gifted her the medium Necklet with the DD pendant sequence

How you collect and wear your favorite Diamond Digit pendants is personal! Wear one alone on a chain or collect several on one of the Diamond Necklets and design your personal totem with unique meaning.  The Necklets are fully customizable so you can take the pendants off anytime to wear it alone for a change in style! 


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