The Portmanteau Collection


Defining practical luxury, the 5 versatile pieces in this collection can be worn alone for and elevated clean look or connected to the cornerstone ‘Amulet’ to create new,        head-turning pieces for an embellished style.


Collect and wear the stunning studs, rings and bangles in the PP collection alone


The Portmanteau collection is grounded in R.Y.M.’s transformable ethos. By fusing aesthetic with engineering, the pieces are a dynamic new approach to jewelry. The rings, studs and bangles form the base pieces; the building blocks of the collection. These designs can be worn alone, or combined with the intricate amulets. 

At the center of the collection are the geometric amulets, crafted in gold and set with precious stones. Inspired by timeless angles, proportion and a balance of negative space, the magic of these amulets is hidden behind the design. A carefully engineered mechanism of simple to use snaps and clasps, combined with the range of base pieces, will transform the amulets instantly into multiple entirely new pieces of jewelry.


The medium amulets work as a ring, bangle, choker, pendant or earring, while the large amulet can be worn as a choker, suspended as a pendant, or attached to two base bangles as a cuff. By combining multiple amulets and base pieces the Portmanteau collection delivers innovative, adaptable jewelry style.create and recreate tailored looks that evolve with you from day to night and year to year.

emmie cosser