Jewelry Masterclass - The Neck Party


Embellished chokers, statement pendants, gemstone amulets suspended from slim gold chains -
master the art of necklace layering with R.Y.M’s collections.

A quick scroll through Instagram (surely everyone’s sartorial barometer?) demonstrates that the multiple necklace trend is high on the style hit list. By numbers, the catchy #neckparty tag has a cool 43,486 posts (and counting). Elsewhere, street style snaps, blogger selfies and the runway - Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger amongst others for SS17 - illustrate that the layered necklace trend shows no signs of waning.

Necklace layering is nothing new - tribal adornment has long used multiple bead strands or selections of meaningful talismans to indicate a wearer’s wealth, position and relationship status. In a modern sense, the beauty of this method of neck decoration lies in the ease of creating multiple, entirely personal, looks. Simply adding a chain or lengthening a pendant can dramatically alter the overall effect. As we head towards a season of tanned skin and swimwear, armed with a wardrobe of open-necked, lightweight pieces, what better time for a masterclass?


lessons in layering

  1. Mix lengths - from neck-cuff chokers to rib-grazing pendants, mix and match lengths to balance negative space.

  2. Keep it personal - a secret symbol [link to DD collection], a pendant present, even a trinket collected from a holiday market stall - curate a selection which means something to you.

  3. Balance pieces - contrast a horizontal bar over a series of V necklaces, wear an extra long pendant to offset shorter chains, graphic shapes alongside curves all create a harmonious mix.

  4. Add colour - layers of gold look sleek and minimal, then blend in a hint of colour via studded gemstones - see the Essentials collection for versatile options.

  5. Have fun - don’t worry too much about styles coordinating perfectly. Mix, match and go with your instinct - the overall effect should be elegant, but effortless.

As for where to wear? This trend is centred in versatility - day or night, and all year round, mix and match pieces to find a blend which works for every look. And, with sunny days on the way, layered necklaces are the perfect way to accessorize sleek swimwear and a tan.

Photo 19-07-2017, 04 56 29.jpg

The scalloped edges of Marysia swim’s designs demand little more than two or three gold chains and the odd adornment. Elevate a round-necked tee by wearing multiple strands against the fresh white cotton. For day-to-night style, look to modern shirting - Palmer/Harding, Brock Collection and Teija are three of our favourites - dress an unbuttoned neckline with a long pendant, V-chain and bar necklet, or complement a statement amulet choker with multiple delicate chains. For vacation style, it’s worth noting that red works particularly well with gold necklaces and sun-kissed skin.

Each of R.Y.M.’s collections offer multiple options to curate your own #neckparty. Natty adjustable base chains offer myriad lengths - from choker or mid collarbone to deep scooping Vs. The minimal and meaningful [Diamond Digits] series can be worn alone, or layered across an RYM necklet (we love the wellness mix as a layering addition). Explore the Portmanteau Collection’s gemstone-studded amulets and the versatile [Essentials] designs - striking additions to your neck curation, these piece will also convert to bracelet cuffs, or earrings, when it’s time to move the party elsewhere…

Reem M