Bring deeper meaning to your jewelry box with R.Y.M.’s Diamond Digit Collection

Whether or not you agree with Pythagoras’ conviction that ‘numbers rule all things’, there’s no doubt digits carry significance. Pin codes, security combinations, lucky dice rolls, phone numbers – sequences of integers play an important role in our lives. When was the last time you avoided making plans on Friday 13th?

Think back to school Maths lessons and Pi’s never-ending sequence springs to mind. Architects and designers have been captivated for generations by the perfection of the naturally occurring golden ratio. Throughout history, mysticism and religions have drawn on the symbolic meaning behind special numbers – the power of 3, lucky 7, perfect 8.

But beyond the digits which populate our day-to-day, superstitious numbers and universe enlightening figures, it is likely that certain numbers hold a unique place in your mind (and heart).

Mystic meanings

Playing on the symbolism of ancient numerology, R.Y.M. introduces the Digit collection - a series of ten polished gold and silver geometric pieces. Each one represents a number - Number 1, a perfect circle set with diamonds; Number 2, a geometric v; Number 3 an equilateral triangle, and so on. Beyond the translation of numbers to symbols, the pieces are steeped in deeper meaning – seeking inspiration? Look to No.5 for Vision. Wisdom, enlightenment? - No.7 Intuition is the Digit for you.

Choose your number – birthday, lucky number – or quality. Can’t decide? Let your instinct guide you and simply choose the symbol you are most drawn to. Sartorially-speaking, the design you choose is suspended as a single piece from a delicate base chain – wearing your heart around your neck, if you will...

A numbers game

Number symbolism is nothing new. In fact, systems of numerology have existed for centuries. Chaldean numerology is the oldest form - dating from way back in Babylonian times, it translates letters into numbers to find meaning. Indian numerology examines self and destiny via the relevance of names and dates. Western numerology is rooted in our friend Pythagoras’ mathematics and the cyclical nature of life, measured by numbers, while Chinese numerology works on a grid system, used to predict the future. Applications vary, but the core of each rests in attributing mystical meaning and symbolic philosophy to numbers.

Make a date

Perhaps the most sentimental attachment we form to digits is through dates – a universal language to mark and remember (or try to remember…) important moments. These numerical sequences have traced the rhythm of time for hundreds of years, measuring regular astronomical cycles – day, night, seasons – and forming the modern calendar.

Mark milestones with an R.Y.M. keepsake necklet – add one or two digits to the small bar, or loop up to four onto the longer design. Numerically speaking, this could be a notable date or a favorite day, your combination becoming a unique symbol which represents a memory.

Alternatively, and setting numbers aside for a moment, your blend of digits can hold abstract relevance – look to our Full Love, Wellness and Strength mixes, or curate your own combination of qualities and symbols, to create multiple meanings.

The possibilities are endless...


Reem M