#RYMWOMAN: Virginie Duchatelle


For the second installment of our #RYMWoman series, we caught up with Virginie Duchatelle, the brand new U.K. head of Christian Louboutin Beauty, about how she’s used her passion and intuition to build a fabulous life - both in her work for @louboutin_beauty and at home…



Energy. I’m very energetic, encouraging, enthusiastic.

How does your personal style influence your work?

There are so many things you can say - I think if people had to describe me it would be all about the energy and the passion for the products and the team.

How does how you are in your personal sphere influence your professional sphere? Do you draw strengths from your personal life?

Yes absolutely, it works both ways - you learn so much at work, but personal life climbs over the professional. If I don't like a job I can’t do it well! The personal part of me is the passion, for people products and brands.

How does your off duty style differ from your work style?

I’m a very laid back person when I’m off work. I like to enjoy myself, with sports and in the outdoors. If I could do my job outside - which actually I’m able to do quite often when I travel - it would make it perfect.



What are the three things in life you care about most and really get you going?

My love - my kids, my partner, my friends. 1, 2, 3. Work comes much after!

How would you describe your fashion style?

I work at Christian Louboutin and fashion is present in every minute of the job - every corner, everywhere, everything you do. Everything revolves around fashion. You have to dress well, you to impress, you have to represent. It’s high luxury, it’s beauty and it’s classy - these are core values of Christian Louboutin and I like that very much. I’ve always been all about fashion, it’s definitely one of my passions.

Why does R.Y.M. Jewelry suit your style?

It’s a revelation for me! I’m a Gemini so I’m a multifaceted person and in one necklace there can be everything you aspire to and everything you feel attached to. I have seen a few other pieces that I’m looking to add to my collection…

Which Diamond Digit represents you?

Peace No.2, Intuition No.7, Power No.8 and Love No.9.  I received these 4 symbols during a difficult time and they have either helped me remember what strengths represent who I am or the aspirations I have for my life.


Which pieces are you currently coveting and why?

My name is Virginie but everyone call me V so when I saw the jewelry for the first time I felt ‘I need that V!’ It’s also the symbol of peace - I don't think I’m the most peaceful person but I definitely would like to have more peace in my life and I think this makes me achieve it. If you believe it you can make it.

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